Executing MiniBrass

When trying to run some constraint model, I get the following error:

search miniBrass();
Error: syntax error

This error is due to executing the model with MiniZinc instead of MiniSearch. You can get MiniSearch here and need to compile it from sources. Binary releases for Ubuntu and Windows (64 bit) are available on personal request.

While some MiniBrass models run in pure MiniZinc (see the quickest start example, for instance) most of them rely on MiniSearch to show their advantage over conventional numeric objectives - so it pays off to give it a try!

MiniSearch issues

Compiling MiniSearch

During compilation of MiniSearch, I get the following error:

"The file lexer.lxx has been modified but flex cannot be run."
"If you are sure ${PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR}/lib/cached/lexer.yy.cpp is correct then"
"copy lexer.lxx's md5 md5 ${lexer_lxx_md5} into ${PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR}/lib/cached/md5_cached.cmake") 

Solution This error is due to flex and bison not being installed on your computer. For example, on Windows-based systems you can get it from (be sure to rename win_flex.exe to flex.exe).

If you encounter MiniBrass bugs, please add an issue at

For other problems, please contact the MiniBrass developers at

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