Nov 24, 2017 • Alexander Schiendorfer

MiniBrass is a project rooted in research on self-organizing, adaptive systems conducted at the Insitute of Software and Systems Engineering at the University of Augsburg, Germany.

We used the tool to solve multiple problems typically occurring in a university such as scheduling exam dates, assigning students to industry mentors, or assign term papers. Currently, we are extending our focus to more application areas.


MiniBrass is mainly developed by Alexander Schiendorfer, as part of his PhD research.


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Students of the University of Augsburg may apply for project work (Projektmodul) and/or BSc/MSc theses.

Other contributions

MiniBrass is supported by student contributions (see https://github.com/isse-augsburg/minibrass/graphs/contributors) and conceptual supervision by the professors